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"Free up disk space fast and easy"

It may be a surprise for you to realize that your drive may be getting full (especially if you are the owner of solid-state drive, which offers less capacity than traditional hard disks). Omni Disk Sweeper is good and easy-to-use product with several options to free up space on your hard drive.

Installation process is a s easy as a pie. After the download you should simply click on dmg file in order to install the app. Welcome screen with detailed installation guide will appear.

When you launch this application for the first time it shows you the list of drives. You just need to select the disk and click on Sweep Selected drive. As a result of the scan the application sorts out all the files and folders by size. I could easily navigate through the content of each folder and remove the largest and useless files. Once you select the file for removal and press delete is shows you the warning in order to avoid accidental deletion of important data.

  • user friendly interface
  • you can scan external hard drives
  • recover disk space with several clicks
  • none

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05 May 2015

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